Horse Riding

I took up horse riding at the beginning of the year and so far I am enjoying it. During the school holidays, I went to a horse riding camp. I rode my favourite horse, his name is Silver. We rode in the morning and before lunch we washed the horses and cleaned out the stables. Then after lunch we were back on the horses and played a game in which we had to trot around the arena knocking the horse shoes off the jumps. That was definetely my favourite part of the day.

From Taffy

Mother’s Day

I wrote this for my mum on Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day

You’ve been my Mum for a really long time and you know me pretty well.  Sometimes I act like an angel from heaven, sometimes I act like a rebel from….  well you get the idea, but through it all you love me just the same.  You’re my very favourite Mum even when you forget my name!

How can I tell you how much I love you in a way that lets you see.  I love you as much as you love me.  You’re really in my heart today and I wanted to make it clear, even though I don’t always show it I’m really glad that you are here.

All the ways that you support me, the ways you help me shine.  Thank you Mum for who you are.  Out of all the Mum’s I’m glad you’re mine.

From Taffy

Camping in Mudgee (October 2012)

Camping in Mudgee was fantastic. Camping in the great outdoors with two other families for a couple of days was the best part of my holiday.

We did many things including sitting around a camp fire talking with friends, canoeing in the river, bike riding on the steep hills and swimming in the freezing river. The highlight was canoeing in the river – there was a double canoe and I was able to paddle the canoe with two of my closest friends.

This was our second trip to Mudgee and only our second time camping, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.

From Taffy

My Trip to Wellington (New Zealand)

My Trip to Wellington
My auntie and uncle recently moved to Wellington. As we are now on school holidays, my mum decided to take my sister and I, along with my grandmother to visit them. Wellington was very pretty but the weather wasn’t so nice, they call it “Windy Wellington”. My Auntie took us sight seeing, we went shopping around the city, we took a ride on the cable car and went ten pin bowling. The highlight of the trip was the two hour drive to Cape Palliser where we got to see the seals up close as well as visit the lighthouse which was very nearby. The stairs to the lighthouse were very steep and very difficult to climb, there were 250 stairs – it was exhausting but we made it!!
From Taffy

Mr Spikes

As you can see I have a pet, his name is Mr Spikes. His favourite food is pizza and he loves bouncy balls, his favourite colour is orange and he really loves soccer.
What do you think of Mr Spikes?
From Taffy

My School Holidays

These school holidays I represented the school at the interschools ski competition. I went on the bus with a group of girls from my school, I was the only one in my year going to the camp. The bus took us to Thredbo. I was sharing a room with two girls in Year 4. They let me play with them, they included me in their games, they felt like my friends and now they are my new friends. We trained in very bad conditions before we went to Perisher to compete. I competed in the ski cross and the alpine events. On the day of the ski cross I came 31st, I was a little disappointed but was determined to do better the following day in the alpine race and I did. I had a great time, it was my first interschool ski experience and I hope to do better next year.

Morris Gleitzman

On the Sydneys Writers Festival they called out Morris Gleitzman. I have read a bunch of books he has written. My favourite book from him was Toad Surprise. I thought it was Fascinating. When I read the book I kept going  to bed wondering what might happen next. But when he annouced his new book I went home begging my mum to get me this book. I got it and Ican not wait until I read the book.

Should school canteens sell junk food?


1.All kids love junk food and it will be the best seller.

2.The canteens will make a big profit and it keeps the kids going all day so they don’t need afternoon tea.

3. If the canteen didn’t sell junk food the students will go spend all their money on lollies at the local shops across the road so the school will not be getting their money

4.Not all junk food is bad and they are always improving it. A lot of junk food is fat free, low in salt and low in sugar.


1. The parents are expecting canteens to sell healthy foods for their children.

2. Junk food puts on weight and no one wants to be fat

3.All parents want their children to be fit and healthy.

A debate by Taffy